How to Lose Weight, get Hot by Halloween & Lean by Thanksgiving!
By Karen Kennedy Sep 29 th, 2017 Categories: Fitness , Food , Fun

Whahhhhht! How can you possibly think about losing weight, strolling Lincoln Road in your “night clothes” and stick to reshaping your drumsticks? Riding out a hurricane, that’s whahhht! Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and at the end of the day, we are not victims, we are victors because we are alive and able to help start over.

Venus Williams said, “If the sun comes up, I have a chance”. This is one of thirty motivational quotes recently published on   Her words resonated with me to pull up my favorite capri pants and squeeze into my most supportive sports bra and get my glutes into go mode! Thankfully, hurricane’s Irma and Maria didn’t directly come onshore in Miami, but the powerful winds destroyed, flooded, delayed and displaced every place and way we do business (including phone & internet) and led to the cancellation of the Escape to Miami SUP and Triathlon races.

As the shutters came down, the sun came up every day, and it was amazing. Light came to those without electric and no a/c brought voices to the community as we hit the beach, bay and parks for a daily bootcamp “clean-up”. Fitness is a lifestyle and the legendary exercise icon, Jane Fonda once said, “It’s never too late–never to late to start over, never too late to be happy”. For so many impacted by Harvey, Irma, Maria, Jose and Lee, I hope that these words and everything you need reach you, until then I encourage you to start over, one sunrise at a time.

At FC2Fitness this is the meaning behind, #beDynamic, #live Kinetic as we too are starting over and ask you to join us. In October’s schedule, you’ll see additional semi-private and group training location for outdoor training both on and off-shore.

  • M, W & F find us on Biscayne Bay by @VKOCFL at the Miami Marine Stadium
  • T, TH & the 1st and 3rd Sunday we’ll be on South Beach 1st, 18th or 46th Street.

I don’t know about you, but we ate more than we moved waiting out the storms, so I’m coupling the FitFreak Food Plan with the FC2F SUPedal Challenge and joining you! Classes start next week and only a few spots remain. As a KK Subscriber and blog reader, use promo code: FITFREAK when you schedule a new fitness packages to get hot by Halloween and tofurkey lean by Thanksgiving with a multitude of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) & Endurance classes. We’d love the chance to chase the sunrise or watch it melt into the sea on and off the shores of Miami with you. Stay Fearless!

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