Adventure, Treasures & Red Bull Privateers!
Invite 50+ Teams of 4 Paddleboard "Privateers" to a remote island off the west coast of Florida with the promise of treasures and admittedly one tremendous trophy! The Red Bull Privateers event was located on Cape Romano in the Rookery [...]
By Karen Kennedy Mar 13 th, 2018 Categories: Fitness , Fun
How to Lose Weight, get Hot by Halloween & Lean by Thanksgiving!
Whahhhhht! How can you possibly think about losing weight, strolling Lincoln Road in your "night clothes" and stick to reshaping your drumsticks? Riding out a hurricane, that's whahhht! Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and at the end of the [...]
By Karen Kennedy Sep 29 th, 2017 Categories: Fitness , Food , Fun
Escape to Miami Triathlon & SUP Race 2017
Carbon fiber frame of mind... I've seen you at the starting line. We've even trained side-by-side with no need for a rope or a coil to keep us aligned. Every so often I think I see you, far, away, and [...]
By Karen Kennedy Sep 01 st, 2017 Categories: Fitness , Fun
Monster and Sea 24 hour Paddle
The Monster and Sea 24 is a relay style paddle to raise money for families within our community dealing with cancer. Our Team comprises of 6 members from across south Florida Our goal is simple: 1. Raise some grass roots [...]
By Apr 15 th, 2017 Categories: Fitness , Fun