How a Growth Mindset Can Change Your Life
Picture your ideal self a year from now. Whatever your current goals are, you accomplished them. Be it a new promotion, a sculpted body, or even living a happier life. So how do you become that better version of yourself? [...]
By Karen Kennedy Apr 05 th, 2019 Categories: Food
7 Superfoods that Support Healthy Joints
Having painful, stiff, or swollen joints is a huge burden in life. It prevents you from doing the things you love the most. Whether it’s hiking, arts & crafts, or working on your next DIY project to improve the house. [...]
By Jan 28 th, 2019 Categories: Food
7 Smart Ways to Drink More Water
Drinking enough water is a great way to keep your skin healthy, stay energized throughout the day, and keep your digestive system in tip-top shape. Since your body is mostly water, you need a lot of it to function properly. Few [...]
By Jul 05 th, 2018 Categories: Food
7 Reasons Why You Should Drink a Green Juice Every Day
Green juice is the rock stars of the health world. They condense several servings of fruit, vegetables, and other superfoods into a single, easy-to-consume drink. Because so much is packed into one drink, green juices are incredibly nutrient-dense and have [...]
By Mar 15 th, 2018 Categories: Food
How to Lose Weight, get Hot by Halloween & Lean by Thanksgiving!
Whahhhhht! How can you possibly think about losing weight, strolling Lincoln Road in your "night clothes" and stick to reshaping your drumsticks? Riding out a hurricane, that's whahhht! Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and at the end of the [...]
By Karen Kennedy Sep 29 th, 2017 Categories: Fitness , Food , Fun