5 Training SUP Tips to improve your Stroke
To become masterful at whitewater SUP (paddling with ease and grace in the midst of chaos) you have to embrace the process. This requires knowledge of both intellectual and physical skills. Focusing a portion of your training on stroke fundamentals [...]
By riversup.wordpress.com May 13 th, 2017 Categories: SUP Training
West Marine Carolina SUP Cup 2017
The sandy shores of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina are buzzing with anticipation as the seventh running of the West Marine Carolina Cup is now less than 24 hours away. This isn’t just any race. It’s the flagship East Coast SUP event, the unofficial [...]
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Monster and Sea 24 hour Paddle
The Monster and Sea 24 is a relay style paddle to raise money for families within our community dealing with cancer. Our Team comprises of 6 members from across south Florida Our goal is simple: 1. Raise some grass roots [...]
By FaceBook.com/events Apr 15 th, 2017 Categories: Community , SUP Races
Muscular Endurance Training for SUP and Prone paddlers
“I have been prone paddle boarding for a few years now. In January I started to swim with the local USA Masters Swim team to get mileage in, get stronger and learn better stroke techniques. My question is, I started two [...]
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